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I cannot begin to say enough amazing things about TestCrackers. They deserve 100+ stars. The instructors are absolutely phenomenal- they know the material very well, are available and approachable, and are incredibly supportive. They care about your learning and success on the GRE. Classes are small, interactive and actually fun. The cost of the course includes access to 6 practice tests, a course manual, book with tons of practice problems, and vocab flashcards. Homework is outlined clearly in a way that is doable and makes sense. There are weekly office hours during which you can ask questions about homework problems or clarify class material. There is a library filled with GRE resources and you can borrow additional study materials at any time. There are also snacks available at all times! The cost of the course is SO worth it.

I recently had Anisa as my teacher for the GRE verbal section. She is smart, caring, sincere, and knows her stuff! She is truly skilled at effectively engaging students with different levels of understanding of the material in the same class. You will never feel left out or lost and you will never feel bored.

What has impressed me most about TestCrackers is how much the instructors really care about your success and provide ongoing support even after the class is over. They help you develop study plans after the class is over so your studying remains focused and you spend your time efficiently. They are available by phone and email for check-ins to reassess your needs and revise your study plan.

If you are looking for a course to prepare for the GRE, I cannot recommend TestCrackers enough!

-Amy L.

HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking to improve their GRE score. After studying for the GRE on my own and not earning quite the score I was hoping for, I sought out a test prep class. I was skeptical because I wasn't certain a class would help and teach me more than independently studying from GRE text books. However, TestCrackers greatly exceeded my expectations. You learn many different strategies to balance time efficiency with maneuvering your way through more difficult questions. Anisa is incredibly patient and will always find multiple ways to explain a concept if someone is struggling to grasp it. After a long day at work, a 3 hour GRE class in the evening isn't easy, but Anisa and the other TestCrackers instructors were able to make the classes engaging and honestly, believe it or not, fun.

-Shona A.

Anisa is a fantastic instructor! Recently I took GRE verbal course with Anisa, and my verbal score went up 11 points! She creates a fun and supportive environment, and shares effective tools and strategies to prep for GRE. She is a passionate, kind, and thoughtful instructor who genuinely cares about every student. I am so glad I took the GRE course with Anisa. Thank you!

-Ju H.

TestCrackers GMAT Prep was phenomenal! I completed both the quant and verbal classes with Anisa. She was not only super patient throughout the courses, but also able to gauge the room and ensure that students were on the same page. I greatly appreciated how she was willing to feedback and alternative methods.

Beyond Anisa, the classes were organized and planned thoroughly. You can definitely tell that TestCrackers put in a lot of effort to make sure students are learning effectively and efficiently. Especially for someone who knew nothing about the GMAT process and exam categories, TestCrackers provided the foundation and scheduled timeline for me to succeed. I would highly recommend for those looking for a structured learning experience!

-Julia L.

Wowww! Test Crackers literally transformed the way I think about the GMAT and test taking in general. Anisa is a superb instructor who takes the time to get to the root of every question and explain her reasoning down to simple (and fun!) terms. The course is paced perfectly and incorporates a "we're all in this together" vibe that's hard to find elsewhere. I highly recommend TC (and Anisa)!

-Rachel J.

I took the verbal GRE course at TestCrackers which covers the verbal section of the GRE and the essay. I really enjoyed the reading comprehension strategies taught as well as the essay outlines given. If you are looking for a comprehensive program that teaches you strategies then TestCrackers is the way to go. They also give you a ton of free material like flash cards and study guides. TestCrackers really helped me increase my GRE score and I would recommend it to everyone.

-Siddhanth S.

I am so relieved I took this class because it helped immensely with my test taking strategy, timing, and confidence. I had been studying for the GRE on my own for about 3 months and wasn't seeing any substantial progress. I was getting frustrated and discouraged, and decided that signing up for a class was the only sure way to kick my studying up to the next level. Especially because I only had 2 months left to study and I only had time to take the GRE once. It was frantic cram time for me.

I took the Verbal class with Anisa. She was extremely patient and thorough in her instruction; it almost felt like private tutoring. The class size was extremely small and intimate, so all your questions get answered and it's a highly interactive and participatory learning experience. She gives practical, logical tips and tricks that are incredibly helpful when it comes to timed, standardized tests like the GRE. She knows the test material very well and provides unique perspectives into test taking strategy that I was not able to find anywhere online or through my own study materials.

As with most things in life, it's really what you make of it. If you go to every class, do the homework, and go to office hours for material you're struggling with, the price is completely worth it. Anisa is a great teacher who truly cares about your progress, and is incredibly encouraging and motivating. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is taking the GRE!!

-Grace L.

I just finished taking the GMAT verbal course with Anisa and I can say that she is nothing short of extraordinary. The same goes for every TestCrackers teacher that I took classes with. Like every good tutor Anisa knows her stuff-- it's clear she has a deep understanding of how the GMAT works, how it is graded and the strategies that students can use to maximize their scores, but what makes her an extraordinary teacher is that she seems to be truly, personally invested in the success of her students. That's invaluable.

-Orlando G. G-G.

I recently completed TestCrackers' GMAT Verbal course at the Berkeley location and had a great experience. Anisa was a very knowledgeable instructor, and the weekly class discussions/lessons were very engaging. I walked into the course with little to no knowledge of the exam, but TestCrackers' classes helped develop my skills and provided me with great test-taking strategies. TestCrackers provides a very personalized experience that I would highly recommend!

-Darius C.

These guys definitely go the extra mile. The classes themselves are small, engaging, and actually make something like the GRE kindof fun. They also offer many other means of instruction (office hours, video resources, make up classes etc.) if you want some extra help. Would highly recommend if you're serious about boosting your score and aren't into studying by the books... Also, just posted this and had to edit it after I realized that they have 5 stars on every flippin review site there is; when does that ever happen? Don't be dumb, just go here.

-Chad D.

Taking and studying for the GRE can be extremely nerve-racking. Before TestCrackers, I did not have a set studying plan and I was only memorizing at most....10 vocab per day and I also had trouble understanding long passages on my practice exams. Enrolling with TestCrackers is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I took both my Quant/Verbal courses with Anisa and she was a great instructor/motivator. All of the instructors at TestCrackers are excellent, but I would highly recommend Anisa because she is very friendly, approachable and genuine at helping out her students the best she can. After implementing the strategies Anisa taught in class, I was able to memorize up to 22-25 vocab per day and long reading passages weren't as daunting anymore!

-Emerson M.

One of my friends recommended that I use Testcrackers for GRE prep, and I came into the class with very low self-confidence in my math and standardized test-taking abilities. From the very first day, I could tell that this class was giving me a lot of that confidence back! I loved how the classes were small enough (mine were 12 students max in the Berkeley location) that all students got enough individual guidance. I took both the Quant and Verbal courses with Anisa, who referred to all of us by our names and never made me feel dumb when I couldn’t answer a question. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a teacher or professor who cared as much about their students as Anisa did. The class environment really boosted my confidence, and I truly believe that was reflected in my performance.

To be fair, I had scheduled my GRE 2 days after the class ended - I likely studied more urgently than the average bear - but I only studied using the trove of resources that were provided by Testcrackers. I ended up improving 11 points on the Quant section from my first practice test before taking the class - a significant enough jump that I didn’t need to take the GRE again. The practice exams, weekly (and optional daily) homework breakdowns, and testing tips provided by Testcrackers were integral in the improvement that I experienced. Overall, the classes were undeniably worth the investment. Testcrackers definitely lives up to its name!

-Kelly W.

Worth every penny. If I could give more than 5 stars to TestCrackers, I would! Anisa was my teacher for Quant and Verbal, and I only have good things to say about her classes and the center. She is calm, reassuring, and so incredibly smart. I am not a confident test taker and she made me actually *want* to come to class and study for the GRE every day. She really cares about her students, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She taught us all of the strategies we'd need to be successful on the test, including mindfulness practices and quick meditations! I never thought that I would be excited about taking a standardized test, but she made it happen.

Along with the interactive and informative classes, TestCrackers give you a book of practice questions, class booklets, vocabulary flash cards, and access to videos of every class. All of these materials were super helpful to me when the class was over and I had to continue studying on my own.

TestCrackers went above and beyond my expectations, and I am so grateful that this place exists! Without it, I definitely would have run away from the GRE. Instead, I was confident and had the right tools and strategies to do my best on the exam.

-Shapari S.

I went into TestCrackers with high expectations and they managed to exceed them! I could not have been happier with my choice. I took a Quant course with Yuri and Verbal with Anisa. There are a couple things that set TestCrackers apart for me.

1) Fun, long-term learning: Both found ways to make the courses fun. TestCrackers does not just focus on the content of exams, but also unique techniques for learning and focus that make a big difference in scores. While I took the test a few months ago and already forget content, these techniques stuck with me and will make me a better student for life!

2) Personal attention, even in a class format: I was amazed by how Anisa and Yuri made themselves accessible for help outside of the classroom. As it got closer to the test date, they helped me with a personalized study plan to address my areas of weakness. I had been stuck for weeks and this really helped boost my score. It was also very encouraging and motivating to see how invested they were in my success!

Highly encourage anyone considering TestCrackers to go for it! You won't regret it AND you'll even enjoy it.

-Ani L.

“I cannot think of a company or organization in recent memory that impressed me more than Testcrackers. They were easily the best decision I made in the grad school app process and after working with Testcrackers, I had the confidence to apply to my dream schools and ended up being accepted to Harvard, Oxford, Berkeley and Yale. Between the classes, prep books and office hours, every aspect of their program feels intentional and clearly designed to set you up for success. They also have phenomenal partners like Bancroft Advising which made a world of difference in my applications. Throughout the app prep process, I had many moments when I got discouraged and the team is truly a phone call away which still surprised me each time because I'm just not accustomed to that kind of genuine accessibility and care. There were many times when I got one-on-one attention during office hours or even times when I couldn't make office hours and the team took time especially for me to go over questions over video. I couldn't believe the level of care I received and could not recommend them more. They truly set the bar for what a student-centered company should be. Frankly, I'm not one to leave reviews but I wholeheartedly believe in the Testcrackers model and greatly appreciate how incredible they were. I highly recommend Testcrackers - the single best investment I have made.”

-Kam P.

"I found Testcrackers after having one of the "big name" test prep companies cancel the class that I had signed up for. While they pushed an online learning series, I wanted a classroom experience. Personally I find that having a structured regimen helps to keep me motivated. 

I had Marty for the quantitative class and Anisa for the verbal portion. Even though I graduated with a degree in English literature, Anisa's extensive experience with standardized testing helped me develop more effective study and test-taking strategies. Since my evaluation test scores were lower in quantitative, Marty's instruction provided valuable review of mathematical concepts, along with strategies to maximize my performance on that section. 

I ended up taking the exam about a month after the course ended. I studied on my own in this time, and the materials provided by Testcrackers were extremely valuable for continued self-study. Since they have all their lectures in online video form, it was easy to review the more challenging sections and master them. 

I ended up improving my score by 12 points and cracking the 330 barrier with the help of Testcrackers. I recommend their class to anyone who wants to improve their GRE score with the help of a structured classroom environment. Even though I started with a fairly high score already, they teach to all levels and the strategies they provide are applicable to all standardized testing situations."

-Zachary G.

"I took the Quantitative GRE Test Prep class with Anisa. I was amazed to see how she kept the class engaging and helpful for all members, even with our varying levels of quantitative skills. She was always open to questions, but simultaneously kept the class moving so that we covered all the material. Her patience and skill in explaining quantitative concepts in many different ways, was very impressive. She pushed each member of class just the right amount to challenge them and help them learn, while not overwhelming anyone. She was encouraging and supportive with the mental and emotional battle of taking the test, as well as, the quantitative material. Her brilliance, patience, and teaching skills were outstanding."

-Sara G.

"This is a review for GMAT Verbal with Anisa. Anisa is a really great teacher, and by that I mean, she is supportive, patient, and an inquisitive teacher. A major part of learning new material is not just with the content, but also the style and environment of the class. Anisa takes the time to get to know who you are beyond your strengths and weaknesses in GMAT verbal. Rather, she aims to understand you as a person, how you learn, and where you might be in your GMAT journey. If you're anything like me, you might be stressing out about getting your score while also balancing work life and social life at the same time. Going to Anisa's class was not only enjoyable, but also reassuring that any anxiety or doubt I was feeling about my score was totally normal, and she would always be a guided resource throughout this testing journey. 

She knows the verbal material extremely well and teaches it in a way that is easy to understand and apply to the homework and test problems. She also understands the nuances of how to people learn on an individual level, and provides suggestions and tips that are most relevant to you. She doesn't just help you change the way you think about the material, but also makes you feel more confident in your abilities, which is so important for this test. Learning new subjects is less about the content and more about how you learn, and I think Anisa did a great job of teaching a classroom full of people with different learning styles how to think more critically. I highly recommend taking the verbal class with Anisa if you have the option. I drove from SF to Santa Clara to make the class and I would do it all again if I could)."

-Deanna S.

"As someone who has gone through Kaplan's in-person class, and bought the Manhattan Prep materials to study on my own, I say with the greatest confidence that nothing has been more effective than signing up for TestCrackers. The class is located right off of the Ashby  BART station, making it easily accessible (especially if you're coming from San Francisco). . .

What really makes TestCrackers stand out for me is that, in a demoralizing exam like the GMAT, the structure of the class is to really make each of the subject areas manageable. The instructors boost your confidence by really focusing on each question. The Socratic method allows you to really absorb the tricks and strategies they teach you, rather than cramming the lesson and forgetting it the next day. . .

I was especially thrilled with all the support and guidance Anisa was able to provide through TestCrackers. Anisa was my instructor for the verbal section, which compared to the quant section, I am much more hit or miss on. But her continued patience and warmth made the three (!!) hours fly by. She gives a high overview on the types of challenges you may run into with critical reasoning questions, how to most effectively handle the reading comprehension, and strategically eliminate answers to quickly attack the sentence correction. She is so thoughtful and organized -- but don't be fooled by her exuding kindness. She is also UNBELIEVABLY smart. By studying her methods and taking on her can-do attitude, I saw a significant improvement in my verbal score.

-Amrita S.

"I just finished the Verbal section of this course with Anisa and it was honestly far better than I expected. From day one it was clear that Anisa knew her stuff. She walked the class through the curriculum at a great pace, making sure that we all understood the concepts and reviewing anything anyone had an issue with. She made the class fun and engaging which is no small feat at 6:30 after a long day of work. . . I 100% recommend this course!"

-Elizabeth L.

"I had the pleasure of taking the GMAT verbal course with Anisa Ray and was completely blown away by her! Her passion for test prep and helping students reach their full potential is evident in everything that she does. Anisa truly invests in you beyond the class, providing suggestions for how to break up the weekly homework content, as well as helping create a study guide once you have finished the class. I couldn't have had a better experience or verbal teacher, Thanks Anisa!"

-Natasha R.