Anisa Ray

Hi! I’m Anisa. I suppose we should start with some numbers. I started the Phoenix office of TestCrackers after 2 years teaching for TestCrackers in the Bay Area and over 8 years teaching standardized exams. After earning my B.A. in Rhetoric (AKA analyzing lots of writing) at UC Berkeley, I spent several years tutoring the SAT before deciding to expand my instructional horizons by earning 99th percentile scores on the GMAT (770 out of 800) and the LSAT (176 out of 180) as well as a perfect score on the GRE (170 on each section, 340 total).

The truth is, I never planned for a career in test prep, but I discovered over time that there truly is no other work I could enjoy more. Teaching these tests combines two things that bring me a lot of inspiration and joy: people and education. I just find it really fun to be around genuinely awesome people and to constantly find new ways to make standardized test material understandable and interesting.

I also recognize that test preparation can be a stressful process: it may challenge us to overcome fears about our own limitations, and it can simply be a lot to handle on top of all the other important priorities in our lives. I see these challenges as an opportunity to be of service. Some of my key goals are to:

  • make the course material extremely clear (and perhaps even entertaining)

  • help people overcome any self-limiting beliefs they may have about their ability to improve, such as the common sentiment “I’m not a math person”

  • make the entire test preparation process less overwhelming and stressful by giving clear guidance every step of the way

  • offer my consistent support so that you feel you have a teammate who’s committed to your success

  • speed up your progress by offering valuable and personalized advice based on years of figuring out what works and what doesn’t

When I’m not testing crackers, I love spending time with loved ones, traveling, drawing, eating significant amounts of Mexican food, and constantly learning new things.